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 Studio Sessions

Let your dog’s personality take centre stage!

The welcoming studio provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the unique personality of every dog I photograph. I have different backdrops and props to cater for each unique dogs character (or why not have a little of everything). Studio sessions are relaxed and fun so don’t worry if your dog never sits still for long.

From the stylish black textured background, to the warm tones of the textured brown, studio sessions are a perfect way of capturing character and beautiful art.

Sessions are £49 with a complimentary print.

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Watch Me Grow Sessions

 Watch you puppy grow with KathyB Photography!

So you have the pitter patter of tiny new paws in your home. In the blink of an eye your new bundle of fluff will turn into a big sofa-hogger and the puppy moments would have passed you by.

Those moments don’t have to be lost forever!

Your puppy will have four sessions over their first 18 months to capture their growth and personality.

All four sessions are just £99 with one complimentary print per session.

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Tribute Sessions

 Tribute Sessions with KathyB Photography, reserved for those special times where there isn’t a moment to waste.

Saying goodbye is never easy, so cherish the moments you have left with your ill or elderly pet and capture their personality with a Tribute Session.

The session will capture the wonderful bond that you have with your pet and create beautiful memories for you to treasure.

Tribute Sessions have priority scheduling.

Sessions are £49 with a complimentary print.

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