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First things first, sessions are super relaxed so please don’t be worried or stress. I haven’t met a dog or child yet that sits perfectly for their portrait. Dogs and children are fidgets naturally so why wouldn’t they be in new place with someone new 🙂 It’s also perfectly natural for dogs to jump off and on props several times or run around like an absolute loon, please don’t get mad at them or stress yourself out, this is all part of the fun and trying to tire them out. Just think how well they will sleep when you get home haha!

I like to get you involved in the session as dogs see me as a fun and exciting new person so rarely listen to me telling them to sit etc. I find they respond much better to their own family member and often calm down a lot quicker too. There will also be plenty of time for toilet breaks and chill out time should your pooch need it.

I’ve added a little video of the adorable 12 week old Hunters studio session so you can see that it really doesn’t matter how active or fidgety they are, we can still get stunning images of your pooch 🙂

All you need is you and your dog. If treats are needed I have some for you to use so no need to bring them (unless your dog has special dietary needs of course). Feel free to bring any doggy outfits or props that you’d like to use just let me know beforehand so I can allow for more time 🙂

This isn’t a problem at all! We will start all location experiences by taking a short ‘on lead’ calm walk so your dog can sniff around and get to know their surroundings. The session will then begin and will include ‘on lead’ poses (you can be edited out if you wish) with different natural backgrounds such as trees, flowers etc. We can then use the long line lead I have to get those action shots if you like.

If you prefer I do have access to an enclosed doggy friendly field so we can include some fun filled ‘off lead’ action shots too! Please mention this when getting in touch so I can see which dates the field is available. All experiences are super relaxed and I will explain everything to you so you can relax and enjoy the fun.

The short answer is no. Treats are only ever used as a very last resort. This is purely because treats can make a dog very hyper or over alert which doesn’t make for great images. We want your pooch to be nice and relaxed. If all else fails and we need to resort to using them than I have a lovely tin of yummy treats that you’re able to help yourself to 🙂 If your dog is fussy or has special dietary needs then please fell free to bring some of your own but leave them in your pocket until they’re needed 🙂

The Mini Experience is much shorter in length and does not include any props or background changes. As a result they do have less finished images for you to view. It’s great if your pooch is well trained and knows his/her basic commands but please don’t worry if they aren’t as I have several techniques that can help.

Yes, there is parking available. You can park around the back of the studio by taking the left road as you come into the units or park out the front of the studio by using the car park right opposite the studio entrance marked ‘Wigley’s Tenants Only’. Parking is free.

At your session we will book your ordering appointment for a time to suit you, so make sure you bring your diary. This will take place in the comfort of the studio and is an opportunity for you to view your images and place an order. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour but there is no time limit. If you choose to order after your ordering appointment then there will be a £100 fee to cover the time it takes to access your images and set up the gallery again. Products start from £199 for 3 beautiful Premium Matted Prints. Clients tend to spend between £250 and £600 at this appointment, some spending more and some spending less.

I offer several different products to suit different styles. From a beautiful classic frame to a modern framed canvas and print packages there is something for everyone. Products start from £199 and payment plans are available for orders over £300 and over a maximum of 3 months (at least 50% must be paid at the time of ordering). Clients tend to spend between £250 and £600 at their ordering appointment, some spending more and some spending less. For more information on payment plans or any of the products I offer please get in touch.

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