Q. Where is the studio located?
The studio is located at the Locks in Hillmorton
(full address here). There is very limited parking on site
but you can park in the visitors bays or around the back of my unit by
driving down the left road as you enter The Locks.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. All sessions require a non-refundable deposit (usually the cost
of the session) to be paid before your day and time can be reserved.
You can move your booking up to 48hours before your session.
I will always try my best to move sessions but this may not always be possible.
If your session is within the next 48hours then you may not be able to move it and you may lose your deposit.



Q. How many people/pets can you photograph in one session?
. For family sessions up to 4 people. For pet sessions up to 2 animals (unless stated). I can accommodate more pets during the one pet session but this will be a bespoke service. Please contact me if you would like more pets photographed.

Q. My dog is very nervous. How will you deal with this?
I do photograph quite a few dogs that are nervous of new places and/or people and my way to deal with this is simple. When you arrive with your dog I will allow him/her to approach me and sniff me to get to know who I am. Once they have had a sniff of me and have relaxed a little I will ask you to remove their collar and lead. Your dog will then be free to sniff around the studio and get used to their new surroundings. In this time I will be talking to you and finding out about your dog and what images you would like to achieve. I do this so the dog can also get used to the sound of my voice too. Once you feel it is okay I will set the lights off a few times just to see how your dog will react (most dogs don’t even bat an eyelid). Only once you think your dog is ready will we start the session. We can take as many breaks as needed and everything is kept relaxed at all times.

Q. Are there any other dogs in the studio at the time of my session?
A. Absolutely not. There will only be the dogs that you bring to the session.

Q. My dog is black. Surely he won’t show up on the dark background?
A. This is a question I get a lot. Yes, it is more difficult to photograph black dogs
but with the correct equiptment and knowledge this really isn’t a problem. Please see the slideshow of some examples of black/dark coloured dogs I have photographed with no problems at all.


Q. Can I order products at a later date?
A. Absolutely! Just note that by doing this you won’t be taking advantage of the £100 discount on each product. If you do not order at your viewing and ordering session then the discount is no longer valid. This is to cover costs and time it takes to access your images from storage and set up a second viewing session if required.


Q. What happens at my viewing and ordering session?
A. Your viewing and ordering session is a chance for you to see the images from your session. You can bring family members/friends if you like. Often clients like to leave any children at home so they can view their images properly without distractions but children are of course welcome too. I will start the viewing with a slideshow played on the screen in the studio then I will hand you the iPad which you can use to select any images you like etc. I will always be on hand to help with how to use the iPad and it is so simple so please don’t stress if you’ve never used one. While you’re choosing your images I can run through products that I offer, pricing and show you examples of some of the products that are up in the studio should you need me to. Your viewing and ordering session is not timed so you can take as much time as you need and there is absolutely no pressure to purchase. 


If you require anymore information then please email me or message me on Facebook. If you would like to go ahead and book your session then please fill out the booking form by clicking here. I aim to respond to all messages within 48 hours.


Thank you, Kathy :)